Spotted in LA at the farmer's market while waiting in line for ice cream. If I didn't have a mint ship on the way, I would have opted for a t-rex donut.



New underground food academy classes!

I know, there's a post that needs to come about the food I've been making and the restaurants I've been discovering, but it's been all bikes and work and beans and rice for a bit of time now. But still, the UFA has been rockin' with Cheese 101 back in August and more classes up on the books. There are spaces available, somehow, so now's the time to get up on 'em.

Here’s the latest in classes for the UFA. Reserve your spot now. Like, right now.
Email us to see if there’s still a spot.

Behind the Bar with the UFA
September is comin’ up, and this month we’re on a theme of everything drinkable. Belly up to the bar, and take a taste of these new classes:

First up, Potent Potables.
Been watching Mad Men? Feeling a little thirsty? Well, get your cocktail on as Peggy Boston from coco500 takes us on a guided tour of the drink list. We’ll get all the bartending basics- from glassware to classic cocktails and tips on how best to stock your home bar. This is a hands-on class with full-on drink
building, stirring and shaking action. Get ready to get popular, as this class will have you hosting cocktail parties in no time.

Bartending 101

Saturday, September 20th, 1:00-2:00 pm
Coco500 in SOMA
$35/person. 10 people max.
Sign up via paypal to headmaster@undergroundfoodacademy.com

And now, for a totally different kind of bar.

Ritual Roasters boasts award-winning baristas that proudly pull the best shots in the city. And they’re going to let a few of us behind the bar to see what espresso-making is all about. From bean to grind to extraction to crema assessment, we’ll get a taste of the boot camp all ritual baristas undergo. It’s an
early class for a Saturday, but no doubt you’ll be wide awake by the time you’re on your way.

The Ritual of Espresso
Sunday, September 28th, 9:00-10:00 am.
Ritual Roasters, Flora Grubb Gardens.
$25/person. 5 person max.
Sign up via paypal to headmaster@undergroundfoodacademy.com