random NYC recommendations

Last year I took a trip to NYC and I was more than a little lax in writing up the trip. It was 10 days of eating through just about everything the city had to offer, or at least as many meals as a person could (un)reasonably consume. I've finally put together an edited list of favorites, highlights and very strong recommendations.

Here they are, in no particular order or geographic organization.

Di Fara Pizza:
Ok, there is a reason this is first, because it's amazing. Out in Brooklyn, it's more than worth dedicating a little time for. Get there early. Get there just on the edge of hungry. Get an entire pizza. Write me a thank you card.

Motorino Pizza:
This isn't based on firsthand experience, but on rumor, blog buzz and the fact that their pizza makes the top of all those pizza lists. Brussel Sprout pizza is the thing, I think. And yes, it isn't NY pizza and yes, I know we're killing the artisan pizza thing in California, but it's supposed to be amazing so go and tell me about it.

Del Posto:
Mario Batali's place, go here for lunch. They have a $35 prix fixe that is made of ridiculous. More courses than you can count and some of the best italian food you'll find.

Russ & Daughters
How much do you like smoked salmon? Well, prepare to like it so much more after a trip to Russ and Daughters. This original appetizer store smokes incredible fish, makes the most astounding chopped liver (shut up, it's good) and will have you seriously considering moving to NY. No trip to the city is complete without it. There's a reason I have the t-shirt and why I dream in smoked salmon sometimes.

Katz Deli
Go if you must, but know that all this did for me was confirm that the best pastrami sandwich in the country is still at Langer's Deli in Los Angeles. Go back to Russ and Daughters and get another bagel.

Raines Law Room
You look thirsty. You should get a drink. A real drink. A cocktail made in the back with fresh ingredients and a whole lot of class. Go already.

City Bakery
What? Breakfast again? City Bakery started here, lived for a little while in LA, which is where i first enjoyed their goods. They have this thing called a pretzel croissant, which is made of butter and goodness.

I think it's the ssam bar I went to. The original one. The one that's so pork-infused I actually got burned out on pig. Get the ramen, the pork buns and to complete the excess, go to the milk bar and get a garbage cookie.

Blind Tiger
Do you miss SF yet? Do you want a beer? A really good beer in the right glass? Go here. It'll be like you're back at Toronado. Perfect after a long day of walking around Manhattan.

Jaques Torres Chocolate
There are a few locations around town, and he's doing very, very good things. Get some truffles while you're there, then bring me home some chocolate covered corn flakes please. Please?