My good friend, formerly known as noneifbysea has tagged me to divulge five things about myself you might not know. Here goes:

1. I have a bad, bad television habit.
I can't quit it, and I go through great lengths to justify my behavior, especially when it comes to a certain reality television show that rhymes with America's Next Top Model. It saddens me.

2. I have a weakness for quiz shows.
Wait, wait don't tell me and jeopardy make me very, very happy. I live for that smug feeling I get when I get the final jeopardy answer right and none of the contestants do. Ah, satisfying.

3. fruit hang-ups
I don't like fruit cut up by other people. Fruit salad, samples at the farmer's market, breakfast garnish. You name it. It creeps me out. As do red grapes. They seem dirty.

4. my favorite word
is murmur

5. I sing. All the time.
Jazz standards, mostly. As of late, it's "would you like to swing on a star," though "misty," "night and day," and "my reverie" are probably often overheard by my neighbors and neighboring cars too.

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Miss Tasty said...

I will be totally pissed if Natasha wins ...