coco 500 gets more props

About once a week I go to coco 500 for a cheeseburger. Maybe it's once every two weeks. Either way, I've become a little bit of a regular. I didn't even realize it until the guy behind the bar asked, "Remind me how you like your burger cooked again?" As if it was his fault for not remembering the indiosyncrasies of an regular order. And then I noticed that the host usually smiles a little brighter when I walk in, or, like today, touches my arm when I'm leaving. It's sweet.

So even though I had quickly prepped a very nice lunch for myself (belgian endive with smoked salmon and lemon dressing), it was 12:30 and I wanted a burger. Off to coco. I sat down to the bar, and the guy there (I've got to learn his name), placed the menu in front of me with a raised eyebrow. "Yes, I'm getting the burger," I said, "but I always like to look at what else you guys have going on." Today there was a nice looking ricotta ravioli with rapini, lemon and garlic. Still I went for the burger.

But I did make a slight variation from the norm. Consistent with my new sparkling water affinity, I asked for a bottle. I couldn't really mask my excitement when I was presented with a bottle of Badoit!!! And I tryed to conceal my glee, I really did. Because how can you explain to any reasonable person why you'd get so damn giddy over a bottle of water. Well, I knew one person who would delight in the discovery, so I called noneifbysea to leave him a lunchtime message.

Just then, some coworkers walked in and invited me to join them. I brought over my treasured bubbles and again, couldn't conceal my excitement. "I know, " I explained, "It's ridiculous. It's just water, but I don't know, it-"

"-it makes you happy," one of them concluded."

"Yeah, " I conceded. "It does."

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