CSA interlude

The cornucopia of produce continues to spill into my fridge every week, and I'm struggling to keep up. I was hoping that all the good raw goods would inspire me to try new things, and it has once in awhile. And then there's nights like last night, where in anticipation of another greengrocer's delivery, I boiled, roasted and prepped everything I had. There was a bit of ingenuity too:

Western salad rolls: organic fennel and basil with shrimp and vermicelli salad rolls with a lemon-garlic dipping sauce. Eastern style meets western flavors

Reconstructed caprese: Roasted white beets with burratta mozzerella, crisped basil leaves and a balsamic glaze. I had this for lunch and, had there been a prize for Best Lunch of the Office, I would have won.

Here's the rundown of the rest:

Four ears of fresh corn: boiled and de-cobbed. Destined for salads. Maybe soup.
Three red peppers: eaten raw. like sushi.
yukon potatoes: roasted with shallots and mashed. This recipe is now perfected.
Broccoli: steamed and doused with lemon butter
lemons: in the butter above., also in an failed aioli (faioli?) that went alongside the salad rolls
Romaine: tossed in a kick-ass salad last week with feta, red peppers, cucumber, olives and garbanzos. Organic lettuces are ridiculous.

All I have left to tackle is the cantaloupe and a half waiting for me in my fridge. I've been tossing around the idea of making a chilled cantaloupe soup with basil oil and crispy procioutto, but last night my mini-prep chopper thing wouldn't co-operate.

On the block this week:
red and yellow peppers
red leaf lettuce
romaine lettuce
yukon potatoes

Also picked up some grass-fed organic chuck to keep the grass-fed organic short ribs in my freezer company.

recipes welcome....

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