Lost posts of 2007

Throughout the year last year, I took pictures that were intended to develop into posts. For all kinds of reasons, they didn't make it. Here are the pics, plus a summary of the posts that never were. Enjoy.

Dinner with Drew, April
Back to back in an afterthought of a kitchen, we crafted the perfect comfort food at a time we both needed some comforting. Risotto with prociutto and peas, torn crusty bread and cypress grove chevre, caprese. Chinon.

The First Dinner, July
When I start seeing someone, I want the first meal I cook for them to be really awesome, but simple too. This one fit the bill: salt-and-pepper pork loin with shallot reduction, roasted cauliflower bites. A watermelon salad with ricotta salata and fresh basil bridged the divide between salad and dessert.

30 minutes or less, October
When I got my pizza stone, I had grand visions of perfect pies. The first one realized those dreams. The second one, though it tasted fantastic, left toppings and burnt bits all over the stone. Now it takes up space in my oven.

The Best Bread, November
Late to the bandwagon, Mark Bittman's no-knead bread became a staple this year. Janet and Brian shared the first loaf, and now it's a mainstay at every family dinner. Make some fresh butter to pair. Knock everyone's socks off.

It's been a huge year of cooking. I've realized my inner baker more than I knew, picked up a hand-me-down KitchenAid and some intensely beautiful carbon-steel knives and copper pots. My challenge for next year? More risks, more original recipes, more dinner parties. And, of course, more writing.

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