Thursday Sweets!

It’s Thursday, which means for no apparent reason, it’s another installment of Fun with New Candy. Instead of taking the Walgreen’s route, I decided to class things up a bit and tag along with some of the work crew over to RJ’s, a fancy little market tucked somewhere between Secret Deli (aka Paul’s) and just before the Stairs of Doom (aka Coit Tower stairs, which I subject myself to running up and down [and up and down] once a week or so).

The market is slightly on the expensive side, and I’ve usually hit my lunch-spending limit with fun bottled sodas and exciting chips long before I make it to the check-out line. Unfortunately, that’s where all the candy is. Last time I was there, I spotted these little guys hanging out by the register, but thought the better of picking them up.

But today, with lunch taken care of and impulse control waning I went for it.
Back at my desk, I took a good look at the packaging. Simple and clean, old-timey and brisk. It had a lot of good going for it, beyond the little bricks of brittle inside. There were a lot of good words huddled together: chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut brittle, bites. But what was lurking under that price tag? Something Nutty.

Oh. Coco Nutty. I see what you did there. Food pun. Great. And somehow, even though I could clearly see the candy through the viewpane, I hadn’t registered the coconut bit. Sometimes I’m not good with details.

Unwavered by a momentary onset of anticipatory disappointment in the brand, I soldiered on and opened the box.
And look! No extra packaging. I like that. Open a box and get right to the food. Simple. Ok, Jer, you’ve redeemed yourself.

While flakes of coconut fell to my desk like Ally Sheedy’s dandruff in The Breakfast Club, I took my first bite. A good thick robing of dark chocolate gave way to a solid piece of peanut brittle, though I’d be inclined to call it more toffee-like composition. Lotsa sugar, not a lot of nuts. And true to the name, it was a little brittle, to the point I was worried for future dentist visits and that my coworkers think I might be snacking on rocks.

Though I only intended to have one (as I haven’t actually made it up the Stairs of Doom this week yet), but as the day continued on I found myself opening up the box three more times until all the bites had been bitten and my desk was littered with coconut.

I turned over the empty box to see what else this Jer character offers, and was again disappointed to find that all four of the candies in his collection of flavors are rife with food punnery, but if I find myself at RJ’s with an extra $3 to throw down, I might just throw it his way.

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