nabeyaki bliss

There are just a few things I crave when I catch a cold. Orange juice. Large bottles of water. Ample time with television, a cat and a duvet. And when it comes to food, there is only one thing that can cure me. Nabeyaki udon. Since the sniffling started on Sunday, I've had three bowls from three different places. The best comes from Sanmi, a little gem around the corner from me on Geary. Savory, deeply flavored broth, perfectly cooked thick udon noodles, assorted fresh mushrooms, silky tofu, tender bites of chicken, soup greens and one adoringly poached egg. Nabeyaki udon has everything. It's comforting and warm, protein and vitamin rich, and it just tastes so damn good. And as an added bonus, you get a little sidecar of shrimp tempura to slough away anything left of a scratchy throat. Plain chicken soup has got nothing on this.

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