ritual coffee cupping

Quick on the heels of a return to coffee, I found myself with an opportunity to go to an actual coffee cupping yesterday. A coffee cupping is a slow, methodical, multi-step process designed to showcase a coffee at its best. You engage with the bean at every level. Whole, ground, wet, broken and finally steeped and ready for slurping. We tasted five coffees side-by-side, suggested tasting notes that ran the gamut from dark chocolate and walnuts to curry, tamarind and Mexican candy. The beans on the block were (from left to right for those keeping score at home: Bolivia cararavi, Guatemala Palo Alto Azul, Brasil Boa Sorte Peaberry, Kenya Gethumbwini and Tanzania AA. I’ve been favoring Kenya coffees lately, and this was no different. With its bright acids and complex flavor profile, the K.G. got my star of approval.

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