Cake and Eggs

I’m somewhat impulsive by nature. If I get an idea in my head that at once seems like a good one and seems marginally feasible, odds are, I’ll act on it. By and large this serves me well. I find good jobs and good apartments, I’ll make impulse purchases that offer me a little bit of retail satisfaction and good food tends to come out of it too. An idea turns into a craving turns into me convincing anyone within earshot that we have to go get bahn mi/make a trip to the Korean taco truck/trek to soma for sandwiches.

Win win for everyone.

And lately, there’s been a new compulsion, a new impulse. Making cakes. Simple ones, ideally. Just a few ingredients, inspired by what’s in my fridge and what’s in my pantry. They’re satisfying to make, a perfect simple end to dinner, or, in my favorite application, a great way to have breakfast for the week.

Now, before you start thinking, “Cake for breakfast? What kind of a ridiculous indulgent life are you leading, Margo? Why not go all the way and have some ice cream too? Maybe stick a candle in it?”

Hold on there, partner. Remember when I said they were simple cakes? They are. Maybe a lemon olive-oil cake. Or a quick apple cake with cinnamon and brown sugar. A lightly sweetened cocoa cake. No frosting. No lemon curd. And cake for breakfast? Totally reasonable. I assure you, the calories and fat are far less than your typical coffee shop scone, let alone that flaky croissant. A little cake, a little coffee and a perfect little omelette all adds up to a perfect little breakfast.

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