A post without pictures

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night, and remembered, “That’s right, I used to have a blog.”

It’s been awhile.

And I think this happens just about every year.

I become bored by the winter produce. I order the same things from my CSA, replenish the cupboard with the same staples. Pasta and quinoa, shallots and cauliflower, pesto and frozen peas.

It’s been a lot of pasta with scallops and peas. Still.
Quinoa with pesto and roasted cauliflower. Still
A huge bunch of chard with shallots and bacon. Still.

I’m as bored as you are.

But there have been changes since the last post.

I went to NY with Max and we ate far too much. Highlights included The Best Pizza I’ve Ever Had at Di Faro and The Best Lunch I’ve Ever Had at Del Posto. There was more. There were many courses. And there were too many moments of tension that ultimately had us going our own ways by the end of January.

It happens.

And now? Like the Great Grains Experiment of 2009, the East Bay Stint came to a successful end. I’m back in the city with what might be, the best apartment I’ve had.

It’s huge. A kitchen that’s bigger than is reasonable. A full living room. A nice bedroom. And a dining room. Almost reminds me of the place I had in Portland. I loved that place. It was where I found a love of entertaining and a great dinner party.

I already had my first dinner party at the new place. And there’s a housewarming tomorrow. The cooking will be modest, and I’m looking forward to the night.

More to come. A lot more.

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