CSA: The Results

So what became of the produce? Read on.

Green Chard: taking a cue from The Art of Simple Food, I did a quick blanch of the leafy bits, then tossed them with melted butter and parmigian. My initial response to the recipe was, “No shit, Alice. Add some butter and parm and my dishtowel will taste good too.” But, she knows what she’s talking about. The simple combination of the fats and the greens did something I didn’t expect. There was a depth of flavor I didn’t see coming.

Chard stems/fennel/leeks: This little accident turned out well. I had grand plans to make fennel gratin for tomorrow’s lunch, but in reading the recipe, it was going to take far too long (40 min total?) for a simple side dish. Instead, I added the blanching fennel bulb segments to another dish already in progress. Chard stalks plus leeks happily simmering in a dash of butter and a splash of chicken broth. I left the trio to their business a little too long and got an unexpectedly nice char on the dish. It worked. A little carmelizing goes a long way. Buttery leeks plus hearty chard and bright fennel. What it lacks in color contrast it makes up for in flavor.

Cauliflower: Sauteed with prociutto and thyme over fettucinne with breadcrumbs. Magic.

Parsnips/carrots/onions: Took a three-hour long soak with some chuck roast in stock and wine to make a perfect pot roast.

Apples: make my afternoon snack.

Lemons: I can’t remember for the life of me why I ordered lemons. Seemed like a smart idea at the time. I don’t know what to do with them. I’m considering making lemon curd.

Next week: Collard Greens and Purple Kolhrabi. Two challenges in one week!

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Liza said...

lemons = lemon meringue pie


delicious lemon squares. I have just the recipe. So simple (and your coworkers will love you!)